A preamplifier should only amplify or attenuate the music signal, not change it in any way, while meeting the highest technical specifications. No distortion, no hum or noise, at the same time achieving the lowest cross talk and widest bandwidth. The soulution 520 Preamplifier elegantly meets these demands and is a benign load for any source component.

  • Physical separation of the left and right channel provides optimal separation and cross talk performance
  • Volume control uses only high-precision, low-noise metal foil resistors, and it controls both the volume and balance
  • Multi-stage output achieves very fast, ultra wideband (1MHz/-3dB) amplification and is able to drive the longest interconnects with ease
  • Phono preamplifier is also multi-stage using the highest grade components
  • Operated via its three front-panel buttons and one rotary control