Most integrated amplifiers combine the functions of volume control, source selection and amplification in single multi-function circuit. The soulution 530 Integrated Amplifier takes the uncompromising route of separate circuits, combining a dedicated reference quality preamplifier, and a dedicated reference quality power amplifier in one housing.

  • The audio section is physically separated from the power supply and digital circuits
  • Innovative voltage amplification stage that consists of linearized amplifiers operating up to a cutoff frequency of 80MHz
  • Contains a total of nine power supplies—optimized for each function
  • Volume control uses only high-precision, low-noise metal foil resistors, and it controls both the volume and balance
  • Equipped with pre-out connections which enable subwoofers, tape recorders or other amplifiers to be driven directly by the preamplifier section
  • Surround mode allows users to optimally integrate with AV systems
  • Operated via its three front-panel buttons and one rotary control