Air Tight ATE-2001 Reference Preamplifier features:

  • Meticulous hand wiring without PCB in all signal paths
  • 1.6mm thick steel plate to shield all of the internal and external vibrations
  • High mass solid brass attenuator pot that is resistant to vibrations, offering smoothest operational touch with utmost accuracy
  • Output stage composed of a low-impedance, high output SRPP circuit that assures stable function of NF circuitry throughout wide bandwidth
  • Exclusive on-board step-up transformer by My Sonic Lab, featuring high quality core and wire
  • A 6DJ8 single stage flat amp, designed as a no NFb SRPP circuit, that sends stable output signals under low impedance even when the attenuator is activated
  • 3 line inputs and 3 sets of phono inputs that enable you to use 3 different cartridges/tonearms (2 MCs and 1 MM) for versatile listening pleasure