The Accuphase DF-55 Digital Frequency Dividing Network represents a full model change of the model DF-45. A high-speed, high-precision DSP further minimizes any calculation errors, implementing accurate filtering of the highest order. Each bandwidth is handled by a dedicated divider unit, and a full array of functions including frequency dividing filters with 96 dB/octave attenuation, delay and delay compensation, level control, and phase switching are implemented in the digital domain.

  • Channel divider units with high-speed DSP for fully digital signal processing
  • Standard configuration allows 4-channel (4-way) system setup
  • 59 selectable cutoff frequency points
  • Highly accurate 96 dB/octave attenuation slope
  • Time alignment function allows delay time setting in 0.5-cm steps
  • Delay compensator offsets signal delays in filter circuitry
  • Further refined MDS++D/A converter
  • Output mode can be set to monophonic specifications
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