The Accuphase P-6100 is a stereo version of class AB monophonic power amplifier M-6000, inheriting its outstanding design technology. It features instrumentation amplifier topology and a further refined MCS+ circuit, as well as the current feedback principle to minimize noise.

In the output stage, high-power MOS-FET devices renowned for their great sound and utter reliability are used. MOS-FETs have excellent frequency response and high input impedance which reduces the load on the preceding driver stage. They also have perfect thermal stability. In each channel of the P-6100, 16 of these devices are arranged in an 8-parallel push-pull configuration.

The massive heat sinks on both sides of the chassis achieve efficient dissipation of thermal energy and ensure stable operation. This allows the amplifier to deliver an amazing 700 watts of power per channel into an ultra-low impedance load of 1 ohm (music signals). The linear power progression with a rating of 440 watts into 2 ohms, 220 watts into 4 ohms, and 110 watts into 8 ohms means that the amplifier can competently handle even speakers with very low impedance or with difficult impedance curves.

  • Output stage with 8-parallel push-pull power MOS-FETs delivers high power: 700 watts x 2 into 1 ohm with music signals
  • Input stage featuring instrumentation amplifier topology
  • Further refined MCS+ circuit
  • Current feedback principle combines excellent sound quality with total operation stability
  • Bridged connection mode allows upgrading to monophonic amplifier
  • Power supply with highly efficient toroidal transformer and large filtering capacitors