Air Tight PC-1 Supreme is an optimal combination of low impedance and high output. The cartridge features:

  • Epoch-making Hi-µ core material SH-µX that offers high µ amount to realize high-efficiency magnetic circuitry
  • Thick wires to help reduce winding Nos. in coil, thus achieving astounding low internal impedance
  • Expanded bandwidth & extended dynamic range that present clearer life-like soundstage, while improvement in transient & phase characteristics reproduces ultra-heavy bass with highest resolutions


Internal impedance 1 ohm (DCR)
Output voltage 0.4mV/1kHz
Stylus pressure 1.9 – 2.2g
Channel balance within 0.5dB/1kHz
Dynamic Compliance 8×10-6Cm/Dyne
Cantilever boron
Weight 12g