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Phono Cartridge of the Year Sets a New Standard for Vinyl Sound Quality

Axiss Audio Presents the Award-Winning Air Tight PC-1 Cartridge

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 20, 2007 – Axiss Audio, a leading distributor of luxury audio equipment, adds to its collection of “best in class” stereo components with the award-winning Air Tight PC-1 phono cartridge. Named “Phono Cartridge of the Year” by the tastemakers at The Absolute Sound in the acclaimed audiophile magazine’s 2006 Product of the Year Awards, the Air Tight PC-1 sets the benchmark for analog sound reproduction.

As the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Air Tight brand, Axiss Audio offers analog audio connoisseurs an unparalleled listening experience. As part of a high-end analog playback system, the Air Tight PC-1 cartridge reveals the full richness of vinyl and exposes previously unheard sonic details from the original recordings.

The cutting-edge cartridge performs with exceptional warmth and clarity, producing high-resolution sound across the whole audio spectrum with remarkable dynamic range. Calling the Air Tight PC-1 a “hi-fi gem,” The Absolute Sound praises the phono cartridge for its sound reproduction, including its transient speed, staging, trackability, and tonal color.

The impeccable craftsmanship of the Air Tight PC-1 is showcased in its extruded aluminum body and state-of-the-art motor design. The product of years of research by Air Tight’s top audio designers, the PC-1 features advanced moving-coil technology that delivers high-energy playback from low impedance circuitry, an achievement that is truly groundbreaking.

About Axiss Audio

Axiss Audio is a distributor of high-end audio equipment for discerning audio connoisseurs. The Axiss Audio collection is comprised of handcrafted analog and digital stereo components from boutique manufacturers around the globe. Representing the finest in design and technology, Axiss Audio’s components are limited-edition works of art that rival the musical masterpieces they bring to life.

Axiss Audio is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Accuphase, Air Tight, Shelter, Transrotor, Soulution, Phase Tech, Blue Electric, TAOC, Fisch Audiotechnik, Microsorber, Acoustic Masterpiece, Isophon, and Western Electric. Axiss Audio has branches in Los Angeles and Frankfurt, Germany. For more information, visit http://www.axissaudio.com.

About Air Tight

Air Tight is a Japanese manufacturer of high-end audio components, including precision tube amplifiers and source components. Air Tight was founded in 1986 by renowned audio engineer Atasushi Miura, the former head of Luxman. Air Tight’s exclusive line of high-fidelity equipment is known for its exceptional sound quality and elegant aesthetic.

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Arturo Manzano
Axiss Audio