The Reed 3P tonearm has a unique possibility of adjusting azimuth and fine VTA adjustments while on-the-fly. Most exciting about the azimuth adjuster is that during the adjustment process, the cartridge “swings” around the needle tip, hence keeping all other tonearm parameters intact.

Another 3P innovation is its bearing system. Although tonearm bearing system is considered to be a gimbal, it acts like unipivot one. However, the major difference from unipivot system is that instead of a single pivot, there are three pivots on both vertical and horizontal axes utilizing magnetic stabilizers. This bearing system is as rigid as a gimbal and its friction coefficient is lower than a unipivot.


Effective length 9.5″ 10.5’’ 12’’
Mounting distance, mm 223 251.6 295.6
Overhang, mm 17 15.4 13.4
Offset angle, deg 22.9 20.7 17.6
Effective mass See details of each armwand material