The 5T is Reed’s first appearance in the tangential tonearm domain. Featuring a unique design, high quality and innovative technological solutions, it is one of the most advanced tonearms Reed has ever made.

Technically, Reed 5T is a tangentially tracking pivoted tonearm. Its working principle is based on Thales’ theorem. The arm tube suspension system is similar to the one used in Reed 3P and the tonearm’s rotating part is based on a low noise thrust-sleeved bearing. For angular rotation of the tonearm, Reed designed and a built limited rotation sectional torque motor. The tonearm’s position is controlled by a laser and a linear sensor array.

Reed 5T has a user-replaceable arm tube feature which allows you to change the tonearm’s effective mass yourself as well as VTA and azimuth adjustments. For user convenience, Reed 5T also has an integrated level, which allows you to adjust the mechanical position of tonearm without using additional tools.


Mounting distance 251 mm
Tracking error +/- 0.005 deg
Effective mass 10-16 g, depending on armwand material (replaceable armwand)
Height adjustment Compatible with 28÷48 mm height platters
VTA adjustment Precision +/- 0.2 mm
Azimuth adjustment +/- 8 deg
Downforce range 10÷30 mN
Traction Limited rotation sectional torque linear motor
Voltage Direct 12 V, using battery power source Reed Source 12V
Integrated level accuracy +/-1 mm/m