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Accuphase, Air Tight, Shelter, Soulution, Transrotor

Household names? Hardly. Each of these revered high end audio brands carries with it the pedigree enjoyed by only the finest design houses. They are led by maestros not managers. Each is a curator of fine goods that are sought after and appreciated through the generations. Aesthetically marvelous with remarkable craftsmanship, each piece in the collection is a monument to its heritage.


When world-class fit and finish are contemplated, Accuphase is the name that audio purists turn to. Founded in 1973 by the Kasuga brothers, one overriding philosophy was employed: produce the finest sound imaginable, while ensuring that the look and feel of every hand-crafted piece was delicate to the touch but robust in its audio reproduction.

Laser fine attention to detail, coupled with jewelry-class materials and assembled with the skills of a surgeon, allow each piece of Accuphase equipment to stand as a testament to audio perfection.

Air Tight

At the foot of the master for years, Mr. Miura passionately absorbed the lessons of his father…the founder of the acclaimed Luxman Corporation. Honing his audio expertise while developing a lifelong passion for music and aesthetics, Mr. Miura founded Air Tight in 1986. Devoted to the purity of sound produced by precision tube amplifiers, he has crafted the finest line of ultra-exclusive amps possible.

From the infinite material choices available, Air Tight utilizes only the world’s finest. Through a process of passion and commitment to excellence, exceptional sonic reproduction is achieved. The glow of perfection emanates from the exquisite phosphorescent tubes, and the magnificent blend of sound and light envelopes you.


Shelter was launched in 1986 by Yasuo Ozawa purely because he held the notion that music, in its purest form, is art. Instead of believing that a phono cartridge is a mechanical device for music reproduction, Mr. Ozawa felt in his heart that his cartridge was indeed a musical instrument in its own right.

Lovingly and meticulously hand-crafted, Shelter cartridges are so precise that every nuance and every delicate passage of music is faithfully reproduced at a level that is unmatched in the audio world. Twenty years of painstaking, passionate and meticulous attention to microscopic detail has lead Shelter to the pinnacle of audio perfection.


Since launching in 2005, Soulution has amassed an enviable array of audio and design awards for its exquisitely engineered power amplifiers and preamplifiers. But what else would you expect from the hi-fi passion project of Spemot AG, a Swiss-based electrical engineering firm that produces specialty electric motors and electronic devices for companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Bosch?

Soulution was created by Cyrill Hammer and Roland Manz, managing directors at Spemot AG and long-time Swiss distributors of Hi-Fi & Records magazine. They continue to oversee the brand’s vision: to build audio products renowned for their purity of sound and simplicity of design.


Known in Germany as “the Pope of Analog,” Mr. Jochim Raeke established Transrotor to represent the perfect blend of imagination, style and acoustic perfection.

In a world of microelectronics and computer-controlled components, Transrotor has created a line of sonically pure, aesthetically stunning and intricately assembled turntables that are the equivalent of priceless sculpture. Each piece is visually astonishing, and the ability to collect and diffuse light in a kaleidoscopic array is remarkable.

In Germany, a country revered for their engineering prowess, every high-end audio magazine of note uses the Transrotor turntable as their reference component. That is recognition of the highest order.