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Gauder Akustik Selects AXISS Audio USA to be the Exclusive Distribution Partner For U.S. Market and Announces New Products at AXPONA 2023

Gauder Akustik and AXISS Audio USA have agreed to a partnership where AXISS would import and distribute the full range of Gauder Akustik products for the United States market. Also, since Gauder Akustik has not had distribution to the U.S. over the past few years, AXISS will be investing into marketing to re-launch the brand and bring the Gauder Akustik products to the AXISS dealer community.

Said Dr. Roland Gauder, CEO and Founder of Gauder Akustik, “We are very excited to work with AXISS Audio on our re-launch into the U.S. market. AXISS’ proven success with many other top high end brands makes them a perfect partner for bringing our speaker lines to the U.S. market.”

In addition to the U.S. brand re-launch, Gauder Akustik is announcing the debut of a generational upgrade to all of its speaker lines. At AXPONA 2023, Gauder Akustik is launching the Arcona Mk II, Berlina Black Edition, Capello Mk II, and DARC Mk II. All models within these speaker lines include new drivers and a novel crossover architecture that was recently invented at Gauder Akustik. Based on super-computer modeling and high precision components, this new crossover design allows for slopes greater than 50 dB with the lowest possible distortion. The combination of this novel crossover with new drivers and other advanced technologies has enabled this latest generation of Gauder Akustik speakers to reach new heights of performance.

Said Cliff Duffey, President of AXISS Audio, “When I first heard prototypes of this next generation of Gauder Akustik speakers, I knew immediately they had created something special. AXISS is very excited to bring their new technology to our dealers and showcase their products at AXPONA 2023.”

The amount of unique technology within the Gauder Akustik speaker lines is something we have not seen before with other brands. We are honored to have the opportunity to bring their unique designs to our dealers and U.S. customers.”

All of Gauder Akustik’s updated speaker lines and other products are now available for sale through AXISS’ U.S. dealer network, and for audition in AXISS’ dealer showroom in Nashville, TN.


Truly exceptional audio isn’t about sound… it’s an experience. It has the ability to transport you through time to re-live the original music event. AXISS Audio is committed to bringing unparalleled audio performance to the U.S. market as a distributor for some of the top brands in high end audio, including Accuphase, Soulution, Airtight, Gauder Akustik, Franco Serblin, Zensati, Transrotor, Reed, Beaudioful, Shelter, and Nihon Onkyo Engineering, and more. With its 30 year history of success, network of over 40 authorized dealers, and warehouses in California and Tennessee, AXISS has proven to be a market leader in the distribution of high end audio.

About Gauder Akustik

Addicted to music Dr. Roland Gauder started to set the theory for HiFi loudspeakers up to a new level of knowledge when joining Germany’s oldest loudspeaker manufacturer “Isophon” in 1989. Under his aegis they won many awards and attention from all over the world. In 2012 Dr. Roland Gauder decided to build up his own company and brand to be free in any respect of research and development. By creating loudspeakers with totally new technologies like symmetric crossovers, high-slope filters, time-delay circuits and integrating them into classical filter design the loudspeakers went to a new level in music reproduction. Dynamics, attacks, clarity, spatial imaging – in all these criteria Gauder Akustik loudspeaker have set a new standard in loudspeaker design and music reproduction.

Call to Action

For members of the Press and Media who are attending the AXPONA tradeshow, please join AXISS Audio at 9:00 AM CT on Friday, April 14, 2023 in the 16th floor Aster Suite of the Renaissance Schaumburg hotel. This meeting will be a Press briefing for AXISS and Gauder Akustik to discuss this new distribution partnership and new product upgrades.