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AXISS Audio Garners Rave Reviews at 2023 AXPONA

The 2023 AXPONA Show: Jonathan Valin on Speakers $30k and Up

“I’m going to organize this report by floor, starting at the top (16), where Dr. Roland Gauder of Gauder Akustik introduced his four-driver, three-way, $149k DARC 200, driven by a complete suite of Soulution Series 7 electronics and sourced by a Soulution 760 DAC (one of my references) and an exotic Yukiseimitsu Audio AP-01 turntable. As it turned out, this room was a delightful surprise, as the DARC 200s were not equipped with Accuton ceramic woofers, as has been the case with the Gauder speakers I’ve heard in the past, but with aluminum-sandwich ones (the midrange, I believe, remains ceramic and the tweeter diamond). The characteristic ribs of the handsome chassis have also been changed to solid aluminum, with intermediate dampers between each rib. The sonic result of these changes to drivers and enclosures couldn’t have been more positive. Gauders have never lacked for detail, but in tone color they’ve tended toward the lean, cool, antiseptic side. Not the DARCs! The sound was extremely rich, smooth, dark, lovely, and listenable. And tremendously dynamic. It was just a matter of luck, but this very first room turned out to be a potential candidate for Best of Show.” —Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

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Robert Harley’s Best of Show

Best Sound (cost no object)

“Axiss Audio’s demo of the Gauder Akustik DARC 200 loudspeaker driven by Soulution electronics with a Transrotor turntable and Air Tight Opus One cartridge. Spectacular dynamics, hard-hitting bass, quick, clean, non-fatiguing, and just plain musical.” —Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

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Yukiseimitsu Audio Selects AXISS Audio USA to be the Exclusive Distribution Partner for U.S. Market and Debuts New Turntable at AXPONA 2023

Nashville, TN—Yukiseimitsu Audio, a division of Yuki Precision, Ltd. (a Japan-based high-precision manufacturer of aerospace and medical equipment) and AXISS Audio USA have agreed to a partnership where AXISS would exclusively import and distribute the Yukiseimitsu products for the United States market. Additionally, Yukiseimitsu and AXISS announce the worldwide debut of the Yuki AP-01 turntable, the successor to the highly acclaimed Yuki AP-0.

Said Toshio Murio, President of AXISS Audio Japan who exports Yuki’s products worldwide, “It is great to already have such a strong partnership with AXISS Audio USA, who is the ideal partner to represent such a top tier product. The new Yuki AP-01 and future Yuki products are a perfect fit with AXISS Audio USA’s other top tier brands.”

Said Cliff Duffey, President of AXISS Audio, “Considering all the high praise for the original Yuki AP-0, to have an updated model raise the performance bar even higher is a tremendous statement to the precision and engineering capabilities of Yukiseimitsu Audio. This is another great product which we are honored to bring to our dealers and customers.”

At AXPONA 2023, AXISS Audio will show the first production model of Yuki’s AP-01. To experience the AP-01’s elite level of performance, please visit AXISS Audio in the 16th floor Aster Suite at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel.

About AXISS Audio USA

Truly exceptional audio isn’t about sound… it’s an experience. It has the ability to transport you through time to re-live the original music event. AXISS Audio is committed to bringing unparalleled audio performance to the U.S. market as a distributor for some of the top brands in high end audio, including Accuphase, Soulution, Airtight, Gauder Akustik, Franco Serblin, Zensati, Transrotor, Reed, Beaudioful, Yukiseimitsu Audio, Shelter, and Nihon Onkyo Engineering, and more. With its 30 year history of success, network of over 40 authorized dealers, and warehouses in California and Tennessee, AXISS has proven to be a market leader in the distribution of high end audio.

About Yukisiemitsu Audio

Yukiseimitsu Audio is a division within Yuki Precision, Ltd., one of Japan’s market leaders in the manufacturing of high precision aerospace and medical parts and products. Yukiseimitsu Audio’s products are exported and represented worldwide by AXISS Audio Japan along with many of Japan’s top brands.

Call to Action

For members of the Press and Media who are attending the AXPONA tradeshow, please join AXISS Audio at 9:00 AM CT on Friday, April 14, 2023 in the 16th floor Aster Suite of the Renaissance Schaumburg hotel. This meeting will be a Press briefing for AXISS to discuss this new distribution partnership and product.