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Accuphase Laboratory Inc. and AXISS Audio Announce the North American Debut of the A-300 Reference Monoblock Amplifier at AXPONA 2023

April 13, 2023

Nashville, TN – Accuphase Laboratory Inc. and AXISS Audio announce the North American launch and debut of the A-300 Mono-Block Amplifier at the AXPONA 2023 tradeshow. The A-300 is the latest reference level amplifier from Accuphase, further raising the bar on performance and transparency.

Said Takay Inokuma of Accuphase, “We created the A-300 to mark our 50th anniversary with a statement level amplifier that delivers an unparalleled level of performance. Uniquely, the A-300 delivers 125 Watts of pure Class A power into 8 ohm load and capable of handling speaker loads down to 1 ohm with 1000 Watts while not losing any of its unmatched expressiveness.”

Said Cliff Duffey, President of AXISS Audio, “We have not seen any other amplifier which has this level of build quality, classic styling, and performance to match. The A-300 is the most musically satisfying power amplifier that I have ever heard.”

At AXPONA 2023, AXISS Audio is exhibiting the A-300 along with other Accuphase reference level equipment. To experience the A-300’s elite level of performance, please visit Accuphase and AXISS Audio in the 16thFloor Aster Suite and Room 1628 of the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel.

About AXISS Audio USA

Truly exceptional audio isn’t about sound… it’s an experience. It has the ability to transport you through time to re-live the original music event. AXISS Audio is committed to bringing unparalleled audio performance to the U.S. market as a distributor for some of the top brands in high end audio, including Accuphase, Soulution, AIR-TIGHT, Gauder Akustik, Franco Serblin, Zensati, Transrotor, Reed, Beaudioful, Yukiseimitsu Audio, Shelter, and Nihon Onkyo Engineering, and more. With its 30 year history of success, network of over 40 authorized dealers, and warehouses in California and Tennessee, AXISS has proven to be a market leader in the distribution of high end audio.

About Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.

Music can be soothing, exciting, exhilarating. It can move our hearts and enrich our lives, which is the goal we at Accuphase seek through audio technology. This was the idea behind the slogan "Enrich Life through Technology" which originally brought together the group of very highly skilled audio experts who conceived and today produce the successful Accuphase line of audio equipment. It is the guiding principle behind all Accuphase components whose high grade can be considered extravagant. Just as there are exquisite musical instruments that are especially highly prized, we believe that the same applies to audio components. This belief forms the basis of our design concept. It is the reason why we strive to build extra value into each of our units so that they will display fully the merits of hand construction. Accuphase was founded in 1972 and has been headquartered in Yokohama, Japan for almost 50 years.

Call to Action

For members of the Press and Media who are attending the AXPONA tradeshow, please join AXISS Audio at 9:00 AM CT on Friday, April 14, 2023 in the 16th floor Aster Suite of the Renaissance Schaumburg hotel. This meeting will be a Press briefing for AXISS and Accuphase executives to answer any questions on their new A-300 and other products.

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