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Nihon Onkyo Engineering Story

Nihon Onkyo Engineering, a pioneer in architectural acoustics, traces its origins to a design studio founded by Toshiaki Shigeta. In 1972, he established Nichion Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan. Early projects included designing studios for broadcasters like Asahi Radio Broadcasting and Fuji TV Kawadacho Studio.

The company later merged with Nitto Boseki Co., Ltd., becoming known for responsible construction and dubbed “sound tailors.” Nihon Onkyo Engineering meticulously crafts acoustic environments, sometimes redesigning interiors for optimal sound.

Their expertise extends to noise control, with innovations like the Acoustic Grove System (AGS), which emulates the natural sound dynamics of forests. AGS is widely used in performance halls, recording and broadcast studios, home theaters, and audio rooms, reflecting their dedication to enhancing sound quality in diverse settings.

Acoustic Grove System (AGS)

Nihon Onkyo Engineering Videos

AGS Quality Part I

January 17, 2023 | Nihon Onkyo Engineering


January 17, 2023

AGS Quality Part I

Nihon Onkyo Engineering


June 14, 2024

Easy Way to Improve Your Hi-Fi System! AGS Diffusers - Room Acoustics

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