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Shelter Story

Yasuo Ozawa’s lifelong passion for music led him to design high-fidelity audio products, beginning in his youth with tube amplifiers. While studying electrical engineering, he discovered the allure of analog pickup systems, leading to a career in phono cartridge design at Fidelity Research (FR).

In 1986, he founded Shelter in Toride, Japan, crafting handmade, high-end cartridges with traditional Japanese techniques. Each Shelter cartridge is meticulously inspected by Ozawa himself, ensuring quality and consistency. The brand embodies a commitment to analog audio enthusiasts, offering a unique, personalized sound experience.

Shelter cartridges prioritize longevity and stability, eschewing constant design changes for a simple, enduring structure. With a single designer overseeing production since its inception, Shelter guarantees ongoing support and upgrades, exemplifying their dedication to customer satisfaction and enduring sound quality.

Yasuo Ozawa, Founder

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