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Reed Story

Vidmantas Triukas, a radio engineer with a passion for hi-fi audio since 1985, transitioned from scientific research in acoustics to entrepreneurship. In 1987, he showcased an innovative “audio set” at a prestigious Moscow trade show, earning a bronze medal for its groundbreaking features like turntable motor speed control.

While pursuing other business ventures in the 1990s, his love for audio persisted. In 2007, after a year of dedicated research and development, Triukas introduced the first Reed series tonearm, marking the inception of his company based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

In addition to his technical expertise, Triukas is also an avid art enthusiast, having studied art history in Saint Petersburg. Today, his company Reed continues to cater to audiophiles, driven by a commitment to innovation and a passion for both technology and art.

Vidmantas Triukas, Founder

Reed Videos

The Reed Muse 1C Turntable & 5T Tangential-Pivot Tonearm

December 20, 2023 | The Absolute Sound


December 20, 2023

The Reed Muse 1C Turntable & 5T Tangential-Pivot Tonearm

The Absolute Sound


July 8, 2023

The Reed 5T Laser-Controlled Tangential-Pivot Tonearm

The Absolute Sound

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