Air Tight ATM-211

Power Player

Plug in to the high-powered ATM-211 monoblock amplifier, a sonically supercharged single-ended triode tube amp from Japanese audio masters Air Tight.


Soulution Series 7

Breaking New Sound Barriers

Who says you can’t improve on perfection? Introducing the new Series 7 amplifiers from Soulution. Unleash the full power of your hi-fi recordings.

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Accuphase E-650

Jewel Box

The E-650 integrated stereo amplifier from Accuphase combines sophisticated design technology with precision engineering and unparalleled performance.

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Truly exceptional audio isn’t about sound…it’s an experience. It has the ability to transport you through time to re-live the original music event. At AXISS Audio, we are committed to bringing unparalleled audio performance to the U.S. and North American market as a distributor for some of the top brands in high end audio.