Air Tight ATM-300R

Named by The Absolute Sound as 2020 Product of the Year. “The Air Tight ATM-300R wowed me with countless hours of listening pleasure. It consistently brought to life the full sonic promise of the 300B, and fully justified its reference appellation.” —Dick Olsher

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Gauder Akustik DARC 250 MK II

“The sound of the DARC 250 MK II is as nearly complete as any loudspeaker system I’ve experienced, anywhere. Exciting, educational, enjoyable, and mesmerizing all at once.”
—Andre Jennings, The Absolute Sound

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Accuphase A-300

“The A-300 inspired a state of wonder. The more I listened to the A-300 monoblocks, the more I wanted to listen. In my too-busy life, every occasion for listening was an occasion, indeed, a special event.” —Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

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Soulution 727

Recognized as 2023 Product of the Year from The Absolute Sound magazine. “This is the most ‘complete,’ the most lifelike preamp I’ve heard, fully living up to the sonic claims of its designer. It is an honor that is well deserved; this is a landmark design.” —Jonathan Valin

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Franco Serblin Accordo Goldberg

Look ma… no stands! Each Franco Serblin speaker is handcrafted from only the finest hardwoods by a master artisan in Italy. With the Accordo Goldberg, you can experience the visionary design and performance either with stands… or without. Hi-Fi News called it a “sonic masterpiece.”

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About Axiss Audio

Truly exceptional audio isn’t about sound…it’s an experience. It has the ability to transport you through time to re-live the original music event. At AXISS Audio, we are committed to bringing unparalleled audio performance to the U.S. and North American market as a distributor for some of the top brands in high end audio.